Strategic and Crisis Communications Planning

We work with governments and donors to build strategies that are grounded in budget realities and focus on results.

In Kenya, we are helping to lead an extensive communications strategy development process with key USAID staff and stakeholders.

We've worked with dozens of clients on CRISIS AND STRATEGIC Communications PLANNING AND EXECUTION, including how to prepare for media interviews and set up crisis communications operations.

MSI pioneered a results-based planning approach to communications with USAID, creating the Agency’s first communications-related indicators and communications-specific Results Framework. 

We assessed the communications environment in South Sudan to enable the Mission to prioritize communications activities.

We’ve trained communications personnel with USAID, the Indonesia Anti-Corruption Agency (KPK) and officials in Serbia on crisis communications planning and techniques.​​​​​​​

We equipped our MSI staff with a “fly away” kit to help them gather content when visiting field projects.​​​​​​​

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