We design striking and engaging reports, fact sheets and templates that highlight significant project results through expressive layout and graphic design to present information in the most compelling way possible.

Our support of the USAID/Kenya mission with A-Z strategic communications epitomizes how we work with the client to creatively communicate results. 

For USAID's E3 project, we designed an interactive, online experience that provided users with an engaging and visual way to explore the results of multiple years of the project.

We design and create a variety of products and deliverables in local languages, including Arabic, Bahasa, French, Russian, and Spanish.

We designed a USERS GUIDE for the USAID Governance Integration for Stabilization and Resilience (GISR) project, to inform overseas missions about how they can take advantage of the full capabilities the project offers.

MSI produced a series of three legacy publications focused on our extensive development work in Iraq. CLICK the image to see an interactive version.

This USAID E3 Bureau Annual Report is an example how photography and data visualizations can bring a report to life. CLICK the image to see an interactive version of it in Issuu.

The World Bank's  Afghanistan Reconstruction Trust Fund (ARTF) Report used colorful, borderless design to engage various stakeholders. CLICK the image to see an interactive version of the report in Issuu.

We create fact sheets and project briefs that empower our clients though expressive data visualizations. CLICK the image to see an interactive version of the brief in Issuu.​​​​​​​

The Youth Compass is a tool that helps integrate youth programming into projects. We produced this publication as a practitioners' guide. CLICK the image to learn more.

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